Peter Bates Miniatures

Miniature Pictures Collection


CameosTraditionally Cameos were created from layered stone or shell, the upper layer being carved in relief, the lower serving as a contrasting background. Our decorative include a selection of classical designs, all of which are available in Black & White or Blue & White.

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art PrintsA wide range of mainly 19th Century European paintings.


FlowersThe subjects illustrated are printed not pressed flowers.


Silhouettes‘Profiles’ were popularised in the 17th century by cottagers who could not afford fashionable coloured portraiture. The subject sat between a candle and a sheet of paper, the artist then drew around the shadow cast. The outline was then cut out and the sheet backed with black material. Professional artists of the 18th century opened studios up and down the land drawing 'profiles' from the life, known as silhouettes.

Our complete range of decorative were produced by Marcelle. D. Shears RMS, SWA, HSF who was a Member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers. Member of the society of Women Artists and Founder member of the Hilliard Society of Miniature Painters.